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What She Touched that Touches Me (2020)

I have lived my entire adult life missing my mother. I had just turned 21; my mother was only 47 when she died. After 50 years without her, I confess I can no longer hear her voice. I cherish memories of being on the cusp of adulthood when I longed to pull away yet yearned to stay. Most palpably, I see and feel her in those things I have kept and can touch. 


My photographs are a personal exploration of family memory and its vivid connection to the present. They are my musings on what Susan Orlean describes in The Library Book as “see[ing] your life reflected in previous lives and…imagin[ing] it reflected in subsequent ones....” What She Touched that Touches Me is a sensory legacy that begs to be carried forward, and invites the next chapter, “Who might be touched by me?” 

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