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Dancing Conversations (2012)

Not only do I find pure joy on the dance floor, but I delight in photographing my fellow dancers as well. When I dance, I experience my partner and all the other dancers at eye level. When I photograph, I experiment with different perspectives. If shoes had eyes, how would they see the footwork of the other shoes around them? How would the dynamic motion look?  Mine is the challenge of characterizing the energy of high-speed action in the static medium of photography while remaining true to the spirit of the dance. 


I opt for using a hand-held digital camera and available light to capture the connection between dancers. I portray the active “conversations” between leader and follower as they dance.  I often gravitate to the dancers’ feet as they push against the floor. When I click the shutter, I document a single instant of this “3-minute date” revealing its physicality and emotion. My dancers are both friends and strangers, young and mature. They dance in familiar locations and in faraway countries. They wear stylish heels, well-worn favorites, and sneakers. One can almost hear the big bands play.

Dancing Conversations was on exhibit as part of Photography Atelier16 in 2012 at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. 

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