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A Sense of History and Place: Iconic 1913 Arlington Town Hall (2019)

There is really no such thing as “out of date.” Items and furnishings exist on a continuum where they beckon nostalgic times past, reflect contemporary trends, project the unbelievable future, or find their spot somewhere among those points. The allure and uniqueness of an image for me is the contrast of the very old with the truly current. These photographs explore sense of place through the history, details, and everyday 21st century uses of historic 1913 Town Hall of Arlington, Massachusetts. 


Sixteen of my photographs in this project were on exhibit at Arlington Town Hall from late November 2019 through February 2020. Together with photographs of Old Schwamb Mill and Robbins Library, a three-photographer exhibition honored three icons of Arlington. The Town of Arlington acquired ten of the Town Hall images and has them on permanent display in the Town Manager’s Office.

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